It has been a crazy two weeks, and so far we have moved over the entire survival spawn island, and begun configuring the plugins we will be using to make this, our first server, as fun as can be. Would it surprise anyone to know I have made over 12,419 plugin edits, uploads or adjustments to the server in the last 30 days?  This does not even include over 6500 discord posts, nearly 200 text files created, numerous forum posts, edits or changes in the admin panel for the website.

To be honest, as hard as the work has been, it will be worth it. So that is why ViviMoon, Starlight and I are happy to announce that we will begin our first round of Beta tests as early as this weekend. We have much to do still, to get the mass beta testing started, and plan to have those ready by the first week of December. That is in less than 10 days!

Want to help us beta test? Head over to the forums and check out this post by Starlight and sign up for the beta as soon as possible. We will be choosing players based on who signed up first, as well as staff, prospective staff members, those who have already earned Pioneer, and finally.. we will choose people from those who signed up earliest.  I won't mirror the requirements here, you'll have to read that post, like it and fill out the short template application.

Beta-Testers that participate the most, and fully complete tasks give for each test, will be given a new beta-tester's kit called the Explorer kit. This unique kit will come with a new Rank title, a unique tag pack, some tools and commands, some fun blocks and finally some shadow tokens to spend when the server goes live!

So, stop procrastinating and head over to the Forums and sign up!

See you all in beta soon!

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