Survival Server Alpha 2.117

By Orrin Wolf - Posted Nov 9, 17

Wow, it has been an amazing two weeks since our last post, and a lot has happened since then. So, let's get everyone caught up. Keep reading for your ShadowToken Bonus Special!

Since my Christmas post, we've had a good start with people letting us know what they want for the holidays, some asked for things they need or want, some asked for things for others. They are ALL good posts, and I hope people will continue to post there as I am still undecided.

We had to fire the previous developer... again. I have no idea what is up with some of these guys, but Blu was like the last two guys before him. Unstable, inefficient and very poor at communication and editing skills. No reason to despair though, we have found someone that has accomplished in three days, what was merely promised by the other guy. We now have three custom plugins that are not offered elsewhere on other servers. More on that when we reach a public release date.

We have our first server up and running, and in the process of configuring the survival server plugins. We are now getting everything ready for Beta testing, which should start in about 3 weeks, give or take a little time for working out the bugs and making things perfect! Now is the time to head over to the Suggestions forums if you have any special requests for the Survival server.

So far we have:
1. Added a new tech team member, Hassan.
2. Purchased our first server, which is in configuration Alpha 2.117
3. Created, tested and completed three custom plugins and configurations
4. Linked the website and forums with the server. You can now see when it is online!
5. Created our ShadowTokens plugin, and linked the online store with the server. (dont purchase yet!)
6. We broke over $200 in donations, before the server launch date! Want more? See our Bonus Special!
7. Our Spawn Island is 90% complete, and will be done and moved over to the new server this week!

Over the next few weeks we will be inviting players to join the server and act as guinea pigs. This is important to our development phase so we can test things and catch bugs before the server goes live. After that, we will invite up to 50 players to join and help us with the final testing phase and stress tests.

That's all for now, thank you all in advance for reading my rambling thoughts.


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