Survival Server Alpha 1.0

By Orrin Wolf - Posted Oct 15, 17
Good News!
The Survival Server will be launched into Alpha phase this coming week. What this means is we will be creating the new server and adding plugins, configuring the server and getting things ready for everyone before the end of next month. Sooner if at all possible.

If you have plugin suggestions, or any ideas at all about what you would like to see on our survival server, please make those suggestions in the Suggestions Forum!

Once the server nears completion, we will be asking everyone to logon and help us stress test the server, and helps us track down bugs and VBTtm - Very Bad Things. For those that do log on and help us during Beta phase will be able to earn a NEW Rank, just for those that help during the beta test phase of any of our servers. We will be announcing that Rank and its perks when we get closer to the actual testing phase.

I look forward to seeing everyone show up for testing, as well as seeing our server finally launch for the public.

See you all soon!

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