So, we have started accepting applications, and have had a good turn out so far.
The training, however, is going to take a little longer than expected.
Yo, Brodd.. uhm. Go to the back of the class.

Oh boy...

NexodusMC I have troubles with bows too. Don't worry.
OrrinWolf He'll get it, I have faith. Arrows? Not so much.

It has been a crazy two weeks, and so far we have moved over the entire survival spawn island, and begun configuring the plugins we will be using to make this, our first server, as fun as can be. Would it surprise anyone to know I have made over 12,419 plugin edits, uploads or adjustments to the server in the last 30 days?  This does not even include over 6500 discord posts, nearly 200 text files created, numerous forum posts, edits or changes in the admin panel for the website.

To be honest, as hard as the work has been, it will be worth it. So that is why ViviMoon, Starlight and I are happy to announce that we will begin our first round of Beta tests as early as this weekend. We have much to do still, to get the mass beta testing started, and plan to have those ready by the first week of December. That is in less than 10 days!

Want to help us beta test? Head over to the forums and check out this post by Starlight and sign up for the beta as soon as possible. We will be choosing players based on who signed up first, as well as staff, prospective staff members, those who have already earned Pioneer, and finally.. we will choose people from those who signed up earliest.  I won't mirror the requirements here, you'll have to read that post, like it and fill out the short template application.

Beta-Testers that participate the most, and fully complete tasks give for each test, will be given a new beta-tester's kit called the Explorer kit. This unique kit will come with a new Rank title, a unique tag pack, some tools and commands, some fun blocks and finally some shadow tokens to spend when the server goes live!

So, stop procrastinating and head over to the Forums and sign up!

See you all in beta soon!

Owner: ShadowCraft.Games
"Come build a better world with us."

VergilPrime Hey guys! Server is still in Beta and is therefore whitelisted but we're working hard to move things forward so sta...
_GaLaCticNiNja_ server is beta now? can i join?
businessbaca88 Just saying you might want to unwhitelist the server

Wow, it has been an amazing two weeks since our last post, and a lot has happened since then. So, let's get everyone caught up. Keep reading for your ShadowToken Bonus Special!

Since my Christmas post, we've had a good start with people letting us know what they want for the holidays, some asked for things they need or want, some asked for things for others. They are ALL good posts, and I hope people will continue to post there as I am still undecided.

We had to fire the previous developer... again. I have no idea what is up with some of these guys, but Blu was like the last two guys before him. Unstable, inefficient and very poor at communication and editing skills. No reason to despair though, we have found someone that has accomplished in three days, what was merely promised by the other guy. We now have three custom plugins that are not offered elsewhere on other servers. More on that when we reach a public release date.

We have our first server up and running, and in the process of configuring the survival server plugins. We are now getting everything ready for Beta testing, which should start in about 3 weeks, give or take a little time for working out the bugs and making things perfect! Now is the time to head over to the Suggestions forums if you have any special requests for the Survival server.

So far we have:
1. Added a new tech team member, Hassan.
2. Purchased our first server, which is in configuration Alpha 2.117
3. Created, tested and completed three custom plugins and configurations
4. Linked the website and forums with the server. You can now see when it is online!
5. Created our ShadowTokens plugin, and linked the online store with the server. (dont purchase yet!)
6. We broke over $200 in donations, before the server launch date! Want more? See our Bonus Special!
7. Our Spawn Island is 90% complete, and will be done and moved over to the new server this week!

Over the next few weeks we will be inviting players to join the server and act as guinea pigs. This is important to our development phase so we can test things and catch bugs before the server goes live. After that, we will invite up to 50 players to join and help us with the final testing phase and stress tests.

That's all for now, thank you all in advance for reading my rambling thoughts.


10Below Wow sounds like you have been rather busy Orrin. I would love to help in anyway that I can please let me know if there i...
CobaltSun Oh wow, you've made a lot of progress Orrin. I'm still working on the one plugin, will probably have it done t...

Yeah, yeah, I know. Too many companies start advertising the holidays way too early, and it gets worse every year.  Not to mention, not everyone celebrates Christmas specifically. With all the different religions across the globe there is always someone telling us "you can't say Merry Christmas" you have to say "Happy Holidays" - Well luckily, that is NOT what this post is about!

ShadowCraft Games really just wants to know, what do you want from Santa this year? Or Kris Kringle, Yahweh, or maybe George down the street.. you know, the guy that has the perpetual garage sales every weekend? If you were really good, you might just get it!  If you were bad, well, maybe Santa Creeper will visit instead.

 Santa Creeper with Chicken Helper
So, here's the deal... Go to our forums, and look for this post.  Read the post and follow the directions, and one lucky person will be selected by yours truly (that is OrrinWolf to those that know me) and that person will receive a present before Christmas day. This is your chance to get something you'd like, rather than waiting for Gramma to send you a card with a fiver in it, or better.. one of those stale cookies from last year she found under the cushions of the couch in the basement. A few chunks may be missing, you've been warned!

Hey, don't judge my Grams!







Jarvis2017 I love the idea of this. although I dont want a bomb for christmas so pls dont explode in anger
CobaltSun Wow, lol. I love that graphic! As usual, you are a great writer, you make it look so easy. I'll have to write a res...
ViviMoon Omg! I'm in love with Helper Chicken can I please please have one on the server? lol This is a wonderful idea!! I a...

Survival Server Alpha 1.0

OrrinWolf posted Oct 15, 17  -  AlphaNewsSurvival
Good News!
The Survival Server will be launched into Alpha phase this coming week. What this means is we will be creating the new server and adding plugins, configuring the server and getting things ready for everyone before the end of next month. Sooner if at all possible.

If you have plugin suggestions, or any ideas at all about what you would like to see on our survival server, please make those suggestions in the Suggestions Forum!

Once the server nears completion, we will be asking everyone to logon and help us stress test the server, and helps us track down bugs and VBTtm - Very Bad Things. For those that do log on and help us during Beta phase will be able to earn a NEW Rank, just for those that help during the beta test phase of any of our servers. We will be announcing that Rank and its perks when we get closer to the actual testing phase.

I look forward to seeing everyone show up for testing, as well as seeing our server finally launch for the public.

See you all soon!

10Below Any update on the server? Can't wait to start playing :)
10Below Awesome! Can't wait to help out with testing. Keep us posted...
CobaltSun Wow, you've done a lot of work since you got back! Amazing work.
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